Concussions in Student Athletes

Every 25 seconds, a child athlete is admitted to the emergency room due to a serious sports injury, adding up to 1.35 million total ER visits each year (Safe Kids Worldwide).

Concussions account for 163,000 of the visits, and young athletes (aged 12-15) are suffering concussions just as much as high school athletes. Children have a much harder time recovering from concussions than older athletes.

Although it is difficult to eliminate the possibility of concussions completely, parents and coaches can take a proactive approach to ensure optimum treatment should a head injury occur.

Learn more about treating concussions

If you are a parent, coach or teacher and are interested in learning more about how to prevent and treat concussions, please contact our Sports Medicine Clinic at 478.474.2114. Our sports medicine specialists can provide concussion training and education to equip caregivers with the knowledge they need to identify and treat common concussion symptoms.