Surgery Center

Piedmont Surgery CenterPiedmont Surgery Center

The Piedmont Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art surgical facility located conveniently next to the clinic. The center is unique in that surgeons of varying musculoskeletal specialties are able to join forces to offer complete treatment options, yet still offer patients a more personalized and intimate atmosphere than a traditional hospital.

The Surgery Center is focused on personalized service that ensures each patient has the best possible surgical experience while also utilizing some of the most advanced technologies and techniques in the industry. Surgeries performed include knee and shoulder arthroscopy, foot and ankle surgery, and a variety of non-surgical treatments for pain relief.

Top 3 Reasons Patients Choose the Piedmont Surgery Center

  1. Nurse to Patient Ratio - For the majority of the time each patient is in the surgery center – particularly before, during and immediately after the surgery – the ratio is always one nurse to one patient.
  2. Experienced Staff - Not only is the care hyper-attentive, each member of the Piedmont Surgery Center staff was handpicked for their skill and experience.
  3. Follow-Up Care - In keeping with Piedmont’s mission to provide exceptional service and care, the surgery center works with the clinic to offer the best in follow-up care.

Are you planning to have surgery at the PSC? Find Out What to Expect in the weeks before, the day before and the day of your surgery.