Pulmonary Function Tests Performed Onsite

Q. What are pulmonary function tests, also known as PFTs? A. Pulmonary function tests are a method of assessing the function of the lungs. They are a way of detecting and quantifying abnormal lung function in a noninvasive manner. They are one of the most common diagnostic tests used for measuring lung function. The simplest form of pulmonary function testing is called spirometry which measures how quickly air can be expelled from the lungs. Spirometry is performed by having an individual blow into a device called a spirometer. This machine makes tracings of the rate at which air leaves the lungs. That is, it measures the volume of air that is inhaled or exhaled as a function of time. Q. Why are PFTs required by OSHA for certain employees? A.  Employers must comply with the respiratory protection regulations under OSHA for employees  that wear respirators on a regular basis. Under this mandate, employers must develop a written respiratory protection program to protect the employees who wear respirators. Among other things, this program requires that a physician or licensed health care professional perform medical evaluations for respirator use. This medical evaluation must include, at a minimum, the completion of a mandatory questionnaire or equivalent information. Follow-up medical examinations must be provided to all employees whose questionnaires or initial medical evaluation indicates such a need. Follow-up evaluations should include any medical testing deemed necessary by the medical professional. Q. Can Piedmont perform PFTs for my employees? A. Yes, Piedmont is one of the only medical facilities in Central Georgia that can perform PFTs onsite. We also offer this type of testing in our office in Macon, Georgia. If you are interested in inquiring about our services for the industry, please call Holly Taylor at 478.405.2350.
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