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This Q&A is a part of Piedmont's Virtual Runner's Clinic, an online orthopedic resource for runners that includes videos from experts from Piedmont Orthopaedic and Run Fit Sports. Question from Reader: I have quad pain when I run - feels like a stick is coming up out of my leg. I ran a half and the pain subsided somewhat while I ran. went to therapy, let it rest a week and ran another half. Now my leg is better and my lower small of my back on left makes sitting uncomfortable. I'm still going to therapy and doing exercises. Is this strictly a waiting game to be able to run painless or should I do something besides exercises and Ibuprofen to get on the road again? Answer from Bradley Huff, ATC: i. If no soreness, advance one step every week. ii. If sore during warm-up, but soreness is gone within the first 5 minutes of running repeat the previous step. If the lower extremity becomes sore during that session, stop and take 2 days off. iii. If sore for more than an hour after the running or the next day, take 1 day off and repeat the last step that was pain free. iv. If sore during warm-up and soreness continues for the first 5 minutes of running , stop running and take 2 days off . When you return to the running, drop back the last session that was pain free So based on your information below you should have not ran when the leg was hurting "like a stick is coming up out of my leg". When you say you ran a "half" what distance was that? I am glad your leg is better and, yes, you should finish therapy. The waiting game should follow the above recommendations. The first recommendation is finding a distance and pace that is pain free for a week, then begin to slowly increase distance while maintaining your time per mile. Then based on the following recommendations proceed to the next stage in mileage. A common program to help with this would also be from "couch to 5K". You can see in that program how to design an interval running program. The key is not to irritate the area you are trying to strengthen and adapt to running again.  

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