Procedures and Surgeries at the PSC - What to Expect

Piedmont Orthopaedic was the first orthopaedic facility in the area to receive a certificate of need for a freestanding ambulatory surgery center. Since 1990, Piedmont has been providing a very personalized and superior surgical experience for patients having an out-patient procedure. The PSC is located right next to the Piedmont clinic, but with its own entrance and parking lot for your privacy and convenience. Everything about the PSC has been designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. Most of the time you are in our facility, the nurse to patient ratio will be one to one. PSM_0079

What to Expect Before Your Surgery or Procedure at the Piedmont Surgery Center (PSC)

Before deciding to have surgery at the Piedmont Surgery Center, you will meet with Piedmont's experienced pre-op nurse who will explain the process and answer any questions you may have. If you decide it is time to move forward with surgery, she will work with Piedmont staff to obtain the necessary authorizations from your primary physician.

Once your surgery has been scheduled, you will receive a phone call in the next week or two from a staff member at the Piedmont Surgery Center who will double-check your medical history and give you instructions for surgery. Due to the way surgery scheduling works, we are not able to provide you with the exact time of your surgery until the day before. You will get a call that afternoon around 4 p.m. with the time you will need to arrive at the PSC and to go over a checklist of what to expect the next day.

When you arrive at the Piedmont Surgery Center, you will check in and be given an armband. Within a few minutes, you will be directed into pre-op area where we will check your vitals and prepare you for the OR. Your IV will be inserted at this time and you will meet with your anesthesia team to discuss your anesthesia options for the surgery or procedure.

Piedmont works with Sweet Dreams Anesthesia, a highly reputable company who will explain your options and help you find the anesthesia plan best for you. At this time, your surgeon will meet with you once more to answer any last minute questions. Once you have been prepped, we will take you back to the OR where anesthesia is administered and the surgery or procedure will begin. The entire pre-op process, including when you walk through the door and check in, takes approximately an hour.

What to Expect Immediately After the Surgery

To offer the safest possible environment, patients in the PSC wake up from anesthesia while still in the OR. Once you are awake and our staff ensures everything is good, you will be taken into recovery, where our nurses will continue to monitor you. You will spend approximately 45 minutes to an hour in recovery. You will then be taken into the discharge area where you will be given a light snack and be able to see your family. Once your discharge paperwork is completed, you will go home.  

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