Get Your Toes Ready for Sandal Season

Toe nail fungus, which affects tens of millions of people worldwide, can be both an embarrassing and painful problem for patients. toe photo from freeimages. com If you have experienced toe nail fungus in the past, you’re not alone. Nail fungus is a common issue that plagues people of all ages, although the chances of getting it increase with age. Seniors, athletes and diabetics are especially susceptible. Those who have heavy foot perspiration, poor shoe or sock ventilation, wear heavy work boots for long periods of time or frequently walk barefoot in damp areas such as a gym or locker room are more prone to fungus.

Symptoms of toe nail fungus include dry, brittle or yellowed nails, and it can be quite painful in some cases. Until now, the only solutions for toe nail fungus were to surgically remove the nail, which is painful and debilitating; apply topical treatments, which doesn’t work for all patients; or prescribe medications, which may have undesirable side effects for some.

After watching frustrated patients who have spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars with no results, Piedmont is excited to offer a new solution through Laser Toe Nail Therapy. We have seen a much better success rate with this procedure and recommend those with infection learn more about their options. Most infections can be cleared up with just three laser treatments, although it greatly depends on how developed the fungus is, so it is better to seek treatment early on.

About Laser Toenail Therapy

  • Quick, In-Office Procedure
  • Safe & Effective Treatment
  • Virtually Painless
  • No Downtime from Regular Activities
  • Alternative to Prescription Medications

Laser Toe Nail Therapy is not covered by most insurances. For more information on costs and to learn more about what to expect, visit our website at or call us at 478.405.2343.

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