5 Reasons Not to Let High Deductibles Delay Healthcare

Brandi Brock,   Piedmont Orthopaedic Billing Director

Did you know that the average deductible in 2014 was over $1,200? That’s more than doubled in the last ten years. With many employers offering high deductible plans, and some offering ONLY high deductible plans, many patients will see deductibles much higher than in previous years. Too many patients avoid seeking treatment because of high deductible and high out of pocket costs, but there are many reasons not to wait! Here are the top 5 reasons:

    1.   If you meet your deductible earlier in the year, you will be able to receive any necessary care the rest of the year without concern for a high deductible. Most plans do have co-insurance, however, that would be due until the out of pocket is met.

     2.  Waiting until your deductible is met may mean increased costs. Some expensive procedures can be avoided if patients seek treatment earlier in an injury.

     3.  Planning ahead for your healthcare costs can avoid large unexpected bills in the case of an emergency.

     4.  Planning for scopes, imaging, and diagnostic procedures earlier in the year will give you the rest of the year to have any required treatments found to be necessary. Waiting until the following year for follow up treatment could mean paying your deductible twice.

     5.  Avoid the holiday rush! December is the busiest time for procedures because everyone wants to have necessary procedures done while their deductible is met. Appointments can be especially difficult to make around the holidays. Starting treatment earlier in the year keeps you from losing out on the benefit of a met deductible!

Don’t let a high deductible delay your care. Schedule your appointment today by calling (478) 474.2114.

posted 05/01/2017 in News

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