Prevent knee injury by incorporating these two habits

Accidents are unavoidable and each body is unique. However, there are two practices you can incorporate into your daily routine that could drastically reduce your chances of experiencing a knee injury.

Have a Regular Stretching Routine.

Good flexibility in your hamstrings, hips, thighs, calves and surrounding muscles is extremely important to knee health. Always stretch before and after any physical activity, but also try to stretch out at some point every day, even if you aren’t planning to be active. A tight muscle could result in not only an injury to that muscle, but to the joint as well as well from long-term improper alignment.

Follow a Muscle Training Program.

In a healthy knee, all of the muscles work together to ensure the joints move in just the right way. When one or more of those muscles are too weak to work effectively, you could be out of alignment and not even know it. This can lead to joint damage and increased arthritis down the road. To avoid this, keep the muscles in your leg strong with a regular training program.

The AAOS provides a good outline for both stretches and strengthening exercises to prevent knee pain, which you can find here. Remember it is important to always warm up before you begin stretching, move into the stretches slowly and to listen to your body. Don’t try to “bounce” into the stretches too quickly or push so far that it is painful. 

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