Patient Story - Ola Ford

Before Ola Ford was a patient at Piedmont, severe hip pain was greatly limiting her mobility. At times she had to use a walker or even a wheel chair just to get around. After her total hip replacement, this grandmother and pastor's wife is able to enjoy the active life she wanted. With the direct anterior approach, she had less pain, less downtime and fewer restrictions than traditional methods.

The direct anterior approach to a total hip replacement involves making the incision on the front of the body rather than the back. By going in through the front, the surgeon does not have to cut muscle, which dramatically reduces the length of recovery as well as the amount of pain for the patient. Patients who have a total hip replacement through this method also have fewer restrictions (none, in fact). 

Dr. Bill Barnes was the first surgeon in Middle Georgia to perform a total hip replacement using the direct anterior approach and Piedmont physicians have performed hundreds of successful cases.

posted 05/01/2017 in Hip Replacement

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