Patient Testimonial - Beth P.

For Beth Pollock, knee replacements at Piedmont Orthopaedic are a family affair.  She, her mother and her sister have all had their knees replaced by Dr. Bill Barnes, and she says her dad needs it next.

“I get taken care of here,” she says. “They know who I am.”

When Beth had her knee replaced a year ago, she was amazed with the result.

“I woke up the day after surgery, and my knee hurt, but all of the arthritis-related pain was gone. I could not believe it,” she said.

“People ask me, ‘How do you like your new knee?’ I say, ‘I’ll put it to you this way – they’re not getting it back’.”

Beth’s knee pain started when she was 35 years old. She treated her knee pain with injections for more than a decade and put off surgery as long as possible.  When she went in for another injection and there was no cartilage left to inject the medicine into, she finally knew it was time.

The arthritis in her knee had also forced her to give up or scale back on some of the passions in her life. She’d had to give up her stick shift and was not participating fully in her taekwondo classes.

Beth started taekwondo six years ago at the behest of her youngest daughter. Her daughter no longer practices, but Beth stuck with it and is almost ready to test for her second degree. 

She was back on the taekwondo mat two months after her surgery, using modifications of course. Now she is back to full participation and loving it.

Beth knows that eventually she will need to replace her other knee, but she wants to put that off as long as possible too.

She said Dr. Barnes asked her at one of her follow-up appointments when she wanted to start thinking about surgery on the other knee. She followed his question with another: When are you planning to retire?

Dr. Barnes told her, “not anytime soon”, to which she responded, “well then not anytime soon”. Her deadline for the other knee is right before he retires and not a moment sooner.

Learn more about the various options for treating knee pain, including the custom knee implant for knee replacement, on Piedmont's website or by scheduling a consult with one of our providers.


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