Personalized Golf Fitness Evaluation

Titleist Performance InstituteAre you looking to improve your golf swing? There are many reasons why even the most seasoned golfer may hit poor quality shots, but the most common problem is poor golf swing mechanics that are usually the result of a players physical limitations. The Piedmont Orthopaedic Golf Fitness Program uses Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) technology to identify those weaknesses, design a player specific training program, and produce a full report of findings and recommendations. Current participants of the golf fitness program have improved their drives by 30 yards or more. The TPI process is used to assess:
  • balance
  • strength
  • stability
  • mobility
  • flexibility
  • range of motion
A Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, and physical therapist, will take you through a series of tests to determine your physical limitations that can affect your golf swing. The findings of the golf evaluation will be compiled and a detailed exercise program will be developed for you to take home. Additional training and evaluation sessions are also available as well as golf fitness and training packages. For more information on this program offered in Macon only at Piedmont Orthopaedic, call Holly Taylor at 478-405-2350. You can also visit the TPI website at      

posted 05/01/2017 in News, Physical Therapy

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