Verilast 30 Year Knee Replacement

Information Provided by Smith & Nephew Smith & Nephew developed VERILAST Knee Technology — a combination of remarkable materials that were tested to simulate 30 years of wear performance. That’s more than twice the length of testing of knee replacements made from traditional materials. Verilast Knee TechnologyVERILAST Knee Technology builds on the OXINIUM material’s decade of success, joining this lightweight, hypoallergenic metal with a special “highly cross-linked” plastic that is more resistant to common implant wear. When these two surfaces work together in the joint, they do amazing and unprecedented things:
  • In rigorous lab testing, Smith & Nephew’s LEGION CR knee made with exclusive VERILAST technology was subjected to 45 million cycles, or simulated steps. That’s equal to around 30 years of physical activity.
  • The testing showed that after 5 million cycles, the knee made with VERILAST technology reduced 98% of the wear experienced by the knee made with traditional implant materials. And when the LEGION CR knee with VERILAST technology kept “walking” out to 45 million cycles, it reduced 81% of the wear experienced by the conventional knee implant that was stopped after the first 5 million cycles.
So while we cannot say we’ve eliminated a leading cause of implant failure, we believe our 20 years of dedicated research are paying off for patients who would like to rediscover their go after surgery.

posted 05/01/2017 in Research

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