Common Causes and Treatment for Knee Pain

Dr. Jeffrey Burnette, orthopaedic surgeon at Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex, discusses the common causes and treatment for knee pain.

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Showcase Central Georgia , I’m Holly Taylor. Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex is a health care facility with a long standing tradition of excellent service that specializes in joint replacement, arthroscopy, physical therapy, sports medicine, podiatry and occupational medicine. But, today, we are going to be talking about something more personal…knee pain. Dr. Jeffrey Burnette  from Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex is here to discuss what causes knee pain and the different options for alleviating it. Hi Dr. Burnette, thank you for being here.

Dr. Burnette, you’ve told me that knee pain is one of the most common complaints that you hear in your office. What are some of the different causes of knee pain?

Knee pain can affect almost all individuals from adolescence to senior citizens. Injuries can range from simple sprains to ligament or cartilage tears, all the way to chronic arthritis and severe pain.

And, when should a patient consult a doctor about their knee pain?

Well, of course, anytime there is a severe injury to the knee with pain and difficulty walking, you should seek evaluation with a physician as soon as possible. But, most simple injuries can be treated with rest, ice, elevation and simple over-the-counter medications.

Of course surgery is always a possibility for those with severe knee pain, but what are some other options for knee pain patients?

Patients have many options in treating their knee pain. If the simple over-the-counter remedies don’t seem to work, doctors might prescribe prescription medications, physical therapy, bracing or even an injection.

Can most of these procedures be performed at your clinic?

Yes, Piedmont’s clinical services provide braces, physical therapy, medications and injections. Our physical therapy department has physical therapists, athletic trainers, and even a massage therapist that can customize a rehabilitation program that’s tailored just for your particular diagnosis. If those things don’t seem to work, that’s when you begin to think about scopes, ligament reconstruction or even partial or total knee replacement.

Since total knee replacement surgery is necessary for some patients, can you tell us about any of the latest advances in total knee replacement surgery?

Sure, some of the most exciting technologies are partial or total knee replacements that have been customized to each individual through advanced MRI imaging techniques. We also have the latest 30 year total knee replacement made of ceramic material that in the lab has shown to be outperforming some of the more traditional metal implants.

Also, I know our audience would like to know, do most insurance companies cover these latest advancements in knee replacement?

Sure, all of these are currently accepted technologies for treating a variety of knee problems. They have simply been made better through our advances in medical technologies.

Thank you Dr. Burnette.

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We invite you to join us next time right  after midday, thanks for watching.

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