A Different Approach To Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery Macon GANPR published a story last week on "anterior approach" hip replacement surgery, a new approach to hip replacement that for many patients can lead to quicker recovery (three to four weeks compared to six to eight weeks for typical surgery). With more than a quarter million Americans having hip surgery each year, many are eager to explore this new option: Michael Pagliaro, a 52 year-old business owner, had the surgery and was out of the hospital in two days. "I was at home having lunch at my favorite restaurant with my friend and my wife; everyone said it was amazing. 'Didn't you just, eh eh eh......?'" he said. If you would like to learn more about anterior approach and if it's right for you, give us a call and we'd be happy to provide more information! Source: Patients Seek A Different Approach To Hip Replacement Surgery

posted 05/01/2017 in Blog, Hip Replacement

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