Piedmont Orthopaedic Tours Trane Facility in Macon

Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex tours Trane

Piedmont would like to thank David Stafford and the staff at the Trane industrial facility in Macon for taking time to give us a tour of their updated facility today. Things have changed quite a bit since Dr. Layne Myers (right) "worked the lines" some years ago with the goal of learning more about the physical challenges their employees face. Piedmont sees many of the workers'  compensation patients from their facility, so Dr. Myers likes to know as much as possible about their job so he can  develop the most effective return-to-work program.

As the safety and health manager, Mr. Stafford runs quite an efficient operation and does a fantastic job in ensuring the safety and quality of care for his staff. He and physicians like Dr. Myers work together to foresee and prevent injuries when it's possible, and to help employees maximize their recovery when it isn't.

Piedmont Orthopaedic would love to partner with your facility to help you promote a happy, healthy and productive work force. If you are a business owner, workplace safety or human resources manager and would like to schedule a meeting or tour with us, please let us know.

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