Workers' Comp. Corner: The Start of Something Good

According to Plato, “the beginning is the most important part of the work.” Just as a house is nothing without a solid foundation, a first impression has the power to set the tone for an entire relationship.  A patient needs to know her treatment is being handled in a safe and efficient manner that will get her back to her life as quickly as possible. When a patient feels as if she experienced an effective and well-informed first visit, satisfaction rates, success rates and return to work can improve. In the workers' compensation field, the right Authorized Treating Physician (ATP) can set the tone of a case and direct well-organized care with better patient outcomes. As ATP’s, Piedmont physicians focus on return to work and light duty options from the very beginning. According to the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation,  medical research shows that people recover more quickly if they remain active and return to their normal routine as soon as possible.  Not only does light duty work help the patient recover more quickly, it has the potential to boost morale since the patient will continue to remain a contributing member of the team and also maintain her earnings and benefits, such as sick leave, annual leave, health insurance and more. Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex Physical TherapyPiedmont also strives to offer open communication to avoid costly mistakes (such as using an under-performing MRI provider, which leads to duplicate testing and unnecessary costs) as well as more useful information for you as you are developing light duty tasks. When a patient starts their care at Piedmont, we can provide more satisfying and effective care. Here are a few benefits of using Piedmont physicians as your ATP:
  • From the very beginning, the focus is on return to work. Our goal is empowering our patients to achieve a successful medical outcome as quickly as possible.
  • Piedmont’s workers’ comp physicians have many years of experience in serving as the ATP and acting as a good steward of care for both the patient and the employer. They strive for professional, controlled and effective medical care
  • Piedmont recently added a new physician who is one of the few physicians board certified in Occupational Medicine in the state of Georgia. This specialized training makes him uniquely suited to manage the care of an injured worker. He sees patients at Piedmont five days a week.
  • Should a patient require a surgical procedure, both the surgery center and the physical therapy center are conveniently located next to our clinic so she does not have to go to multiple sites
  • Because our physical therapy center is located right down the hall from our physician offices, the ATP can interact with the therapist and make quick changes and suggestions throughout the care
  • A variety of physicians and care providers work together under the same roof. For example, if Dr. Myers was your ATP, he could consult with an orthopedic specialist that very same day without your patient having to make an appointment to be seen somewhere else.
At Piedmont, we understand that the medical side is only one part of your overall return to work plan, so we do what we can to serve our role as effectively as possible. We are always open to feedback and discussion with employers, nurse case managers, adjustors, attorneys and especially patients. Please let us know what you think about your experience with Piedmont, and please join us for our next event for workers’ compensation on August 13, 2014.

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