Foot Care for Runners

Common Foot Issues for Runners - Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex Runners put a lot of miles on their feet, so it’s no surprise that foot health and proper care of the feet are of utmost importance to any runner. Some of the more common foot injuries that occur in runners: Stress fracture Where the pain occurs: can occur anyplace on your foot or ankle What it is: small crack in the bone that causes pain and discomfort What causes it: typically caused when you rush into a new or vigorous activity too quickly Plantar Fasciitis Where the pain occurs: in the heel or arch of your foot What it is: inflammation of the plantar fascia (inflammation of the tissue between your heel and your toes) What causes it: can be caused by adding too much activity too quickly, but it can also occur without any obvious reason Achilles tendinitis Where the pain occurs: in your Achilles tendon (muscle connecting your calf to the back of the heel) What it is: inflammation of the Achilles tendon What causes it: usually caused by overuse, adding too much distance too quickly, or tight calf muscles Blisters Where the pain occurs: most commonly on the bottom or sides of the feet What it is: fluid-filled sacks on the surface of the skin What causes it: typically caused by friction between your shoes or socks and your skin Calluses Where the pain occurs: can develop on the bottom or sides of your feet and toes What it is: skin that becomes thicker to protect itself from injury. Calluses are typically not pain, but they can serve as a warning sign of an impending injury by giving you an indication of whether or not you are overpronating or rolling your foot. If you find this to be the case, talk with your podiatrist to see what options are available to address it. Treating Foot Pain in Runners - Piedmont Orthopaedic Complex If you are experiencing persistent pain in your feet, we recommend getting checked out by a podiatrist because many common foot conditions can actually worsen over time. To find more information on common foot conditions, visit WebMD. You can learn more about the treatment options available at Piedmont in the “Foot” section of our Patient Education portal. Runners are susceptible to a host of other orthopaedic issues beyond the foot, including runner’s knee, shinsplints, IT band syndrome, lower back pain, hip pain and more. To learn more about common orthopaedic issues, visit our Patient Education portal or make an appointment to discuss with a physician. Make an Appointment Online | Call 478.474.2114 for an Appointment

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