Hip Specialists in Middle Georgia


Dr. Bill Barnes
Dr. Barnes has more than 25 years of experience and specializes in general orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine.

Piedmont also employs a team of Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and other medical providers experienced in treating orthopaedic injuries.


Common Conditions

If pain is interfering with your ability to live your life, we encourage you get a professional evaluation from a specialist. Hip pain can be felt in the hip but also in the thigh, groin and buttocks. In many cases, earlier treatment can prevent further damage and also allow for more conservative and cost-effective treatment options. The physicians at Piedmont are skilled at treating everything from athletic or acute orthopedic injuries such as a hip labral tear, tendonitis, stress fracture or hip fracture to the more chronic issues like osteoarthritis of the hip.  Learn More


Treatment options at Piedmont range from a targeted physical therapy program to a total joint replacement. Your physician will work with you to develop the smartest recovery plan based on two factors: your condition and your preferences. Your lifestyle and goals play a big part in your recovery, so Piedmont offers a variety of options to best suit each patient. If a hip replacement is in your future, Piedmont was the first in Middle Georgia to offer the direct anterior approach hip replacement, which is less painful and has a shorter recovery period.  Learn More